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About Us

My name is Mónica Caldeiro, and I’m the CEO of Vitruvian Medical Communications.

I grew up thinking that science just wasn’t for me. However, years later, I found myself reading dozens of scientific papers to try to wrap my head around an illness that was affecting me which very few doctors understood.

It was in that hopeless void that I found my passion for science. Since then, my goal has been to combine language and science to spread scientific knowledge, help patients, and promote scientific research.

I created Vitruvian Medical Communications not to be your run-of-the-mill agency, but as a personal project that would be different, ethical, and human, where people who work are not seen as “providers” or “resources” but as language professionals whose knowledge matters and makes a difference.

We work together as a team, side-by-side, to bring out the best in each other in every project we tackle.

We also want to have the same level of trust with our clients. Our goal is to make things easier for you so you feel that every second you spend communicating with us is an investment.

We are here to solve your problems.

Training for translators:

I’m a teacher on the following courses:

  • Medical terminology (AulaSIC, as a part of the MA in Medical Translation).
  • Psychopathology for translators (AulaSIC, as part of the MA in Medical Translation).
  • Professional poetry translation (AulaSIC, as part of the MA in Literary Translation).

    Qualifications and relevant training

    • Postgraduate Diploma in Medical Writing (Universidad de Alcalá, 2023 – in progress).
    • Professional Proofreading course (Cálamo y Cran, 2021).
    • Trados Studio course (Cálamo y Cran, 2020).
    • Masters in Medical Translation (AulaSIC, 2020).
    • Graduate courses in English Studies (Universidade de Santiago de Compostela, 2008).
    • Licentiate (BA + MA) in Spanish Philology (Universitat de Barcelona, 2006).



    EN <> ES, CA

    As translators, we are clinical research specialists.

    We mainly translate clinical trial protocols and related documents.

    We also work with other types of medical texts, so tell us about your project and we'll find the best solution to bring it to fruition.



    We write medical texts both for lay audiences and health professionals in English, Spanish, and Catalan.

    These include:

    • Health news
    • Health features
    • Patient materials
    • Blogs
    • Websites for health professionals
    • Scientific papers


    We write copy based on research and scientific evidence.

    Furthermore, medical copywriting must adhere to local laws and regulations.

    It is not something you can leave in the hands of a general copywriter.

    Avoid unpleasant surprises and generate leads with copy that attracts readers without sacrificing scientific knowledge.

    Opiniones y recomendaciones

    Como traductora profesional y como formadora de traductores, Mónica Caldeiro me resulta ambivalente: por un lado podría hablar de los prometedora que es (por su juventud y su enorme potencial) y, por otro lado, me resulta imposible soslayar su profesionalidad, su conocimiento de la profesión (sobre todo de su especialidad) y su amplísima experiencia en varios campos de la traducción. No dudaría en confiar en ella para las traducciones más difíciles y comprometidas.

    Pablo Mugüerza

    Mónica es profesionalmente impecable, eficaz y precisa. Escucha y toma en cuenta las necesidades del cliente y se adapta para ofrecer una traducción muy cuidada y en los plazos requeridos. Estamos súper contentos de trabajar con ella y la recomendamos con todo entusiasmo.

    Victoria Pazmiño
    Yekibud Editores


    Book a call with us and let’s discuss your project


    Mónica Caldeiro

    CEO of Vitruvian Medical Communications

    EN > ES translator, medical writer and copywriter  

    (+34) 666 08 68 26




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